AT&T Google hangouts wifi/4g fix

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AT&T Google hangouts wifi/4g fix Empty AT&T Google hangouts wifi/4g fix

Post by vitha on Mon Jun 17, 2013 2:22 am

As you all know the new google hangouts do not work on the network with AT&T only wifi
Well lets fix that problem.
You need one thing SQLite Editor. download it here

Now open up SQLite
Go to Files

now open gservices.db
open up main
scroll down to ' gtalk_vc_wifi_only ' you will see it says true
click on it and edit it to ' false '
save and reboot
Now AT&T does not block google hangouts from over lte/4g/3g network....

If your a S3 user and new hangouts mic is not working please see this forum
Mic fix for Google Hangouts S3
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