Google Hangouts S3 Mic fix

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Google Hangouts S3 Mic fix Empty Google Hangouts S3 Mic fix

Post by vitha on Mon Jun 17, 2013 2:11 am

Alright with the new update to google hangouts has a problem with the mic.
download this file audio_policy.conf . It will config your mic to work with the new google hangouts.
For this to work you need 2 things root access and es explorer or something like it.

open up es explorer go to folder

be safe and copy your old file audio_policy.conf to a safe place

Now paste and over write the old file with the new file downloaded

Now your mic work's

For those using AT&T that are blocked from using google hangouts on network lte/4g/3g check this forum out
AT&T network unblock
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