Kit Kat 4.4 CM 11 Beta 7 for s3 ATT T-moblie

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Kit Kat 4.4 CM 11 Beta 7 for s3 ATT T-moblie  Empty Kit Kat 4.4 CM 11 Beta 7 for s3 ATT T-moblie

Post by vitha on Mon Dec 16, 2013 3:45 pm

Full wipe Install Instructions1.READ THE F.A.Q. IN POST #3!!
2.Install the latest CWM recovery ( +) OR TWRP (v2.6.3.1+) (You will have a "set_metadata_recursive: some changes failed" error if you don't)
3.Reboot to recovery
4.Backup your current ROM!!!!
5.Wipe data / factory reset
7.Flash the rom
9.Go through CM setup
10.Reboot to recovery
11.Flash Gapps
12.Reboot and login to Gmail or the Play Store, to set up your Google account.

CM 11.0 Unofficial Beta 7 for d2tmo and d2att



Beta 7• Quicktiles (Take 2)
• external SD permissions (ES still acts weird! Whatever!!)
• Netflix fixed
• Wireless Tether fixed
• Hold back to kill added into settings
• Fixed built-in root with ART
• Added AT&T asserts into T-Mobile build
• Added support for I747UCUEMJ2 bootloader
• Insecure boot image (Means you can edit system files)

Beta 6•Sync'd to latest CM 11 commits
•CM 11 Front facing camera works now
•Customizable quick tiles (Work in Progress)
•Quick access ribbon (Work in Progress)
•Customizable lockscreen targets (Work in Progress)
•Swipe to switch from notifications to Quick settings (You must swipe the gray bar at the bottom)
•Probably more that I forgot..

RLS1 Beta 5•Sync'd latest CM commits
•Bluetooth A2DP plays great
•Emojis work as they should, out of the box
•Reverted to CM 10.2 Camera (No more blurry pictures)
•Front Camera works great! (Go in the bathroom and selfy yourself)
•External SD card is DEFINITELY fixed perfectly!
•You can turn off USB debugging icon in Developer options
•I know I forgot something....

Beta 4•Added emojis to hangouts (as long as you're not using the Google keyboard. They don't show up when sent, unless you look at the convo from a PC)
•Fixed permissions on external SD card (still wrong)

Beta 3•Fixed camera freezing
•Fixed external SD card
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