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Rooting Galaxy S3 L710 Empty Rooting Galaxy S3 L710

Post by vitha on Wed Oct 31, 2012 10:59 am

Rooting Galaxy S3 L710
•The instructions in this guide are intended for use with the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3, model number SPH-L710. Applying these instructions on another device or model may produce undesired outcomes.
•The information in this guide is provided for instructional and educational purposes only. There is no guarantee that these instructions will work under your specific and unique circumstances.
•Use these instructions at your own risk. We shall not hold any responsibility or liability for whatever happens to you or your device arising from your use of the info in this guide.
•Read and understand the whole guide first before actually performing the instructions.

•A Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 with ClockworkMod Recovery installed.◦Check out our Topic in forum on how to install ClockworkMod Recovery to your Sprint Galaxy S3.

•Charge your phone’s battery to 70% or more
•Backup all personal data on your phone to make sure you have a copy of your personal data (e.g., contacts, SMS, MMS, Internet settings, Wi-Fi passwords, and the like) in case the procedure in this guide erases such data.
•Download the rooting package (, 593 kB).
1.Copy the file to the internal SD card of your phone.
2.Turn off your phone.
3.Boot your phone to ClockworkMod Recovery by pressing the Volume Up, Home, and Power keys together. Release them when the screen turns on.◦Use the Volume buttons to navigate and the Power button to select an option.

4.Select Install ZIP From SD Card > Choose ZIP From SD Card and select the file that you copied to your phone earlier.
5.Once you have flashed it, reboot your phone by selecting Go back and Reboot System Now.
6.Your phone is now rooted but you still need to install BusyBox on your phone. You can get it for free from the Google Play Store.
7.Run the BusyBox free application on your phone.
8.It will prompt you to allow root access. Select Allow.
9.Tap the red “X” in order to close the dialog window that will pop up.
10.Allow BusyBox to scan your phone.
11.Tap Install to install BusyBox and make the necessary file changes.
12.Update your su binaries by doing the following:a.From the app drawer of your phone, open the Superuser app.
b.Tap the wrench icon on the upper corner to go to the app’s settings menu.
c.Under the General section towards the end of the list, tap “Su Binary”.
d.Select Update and you are done.

Congratulations! You now have root access on your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710.
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