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Most stable Rom CM7.2 Empty Most stable Rom CM7.2

Post by vitha on Tue Oct 30, 2012 10:49 am


Before powering off the phone download the CM7 package and copy to internal SD Card
Note: It is standard CyanogenMod practice to make the external SD Card the primary SD Card on the device. This means after 1st boot all your app folders and personal files will be stored on in the “emmc” folder and all files from your external memory card will now be in the “sdcard” folder.
You can switch this around by going into
Settings>CyanogenMod Settings>Application>Use Internal Storage

Flashing Recovery:
1.Download recovery from ROM Manager (Found in Market)
2.Flash Clockwork Recovery

Personal Data Backup:
1.Make sure device is rooted
2.Download “Titanium Backup” from the Android Market (Consider purchasing Pro version for more automated options)
3.Open Titanium Backup, press menu key and go to “Batch”
4.Go to Backup section and select “Backup all user apps”
5.Allow process to finish

Current ROM Backup:
1.Reboot phone into CWM recovery (Power Button + Vol Down), press Vol Down until you see "Android Recovery" then press Vol Up to enter.
2.Go to Backup & Restore and create a backup (this may take some time)

Install CM7 :
1.While in Recovery install CM7 from internal storage
2.After installation select Data Wipe/Factory Reset
3.Then Wipe Cache Partition
4.Reboot system now
5.Watch awesome boot animation.

Upgrading from earlier CM7:
1.Download and push the ROM zip file to the sdcard.
2.Reboot into recovery.
3.Do a Backup to be safe!
4.Install the ROM zip from sdcard (your Google apps will be backed up automatically).

Personal Data Restore on CM7:
1.Download “Titanium Backup” from the Android Market (Consider purchasing Pro version for more automated options)
2.Open Titanium Backup, press menu key and go to “Batch”
3.Go to Restore section and select “Restore missing apps with data” (note: under no circumstances should you restore system apps, this is the fastest way to get a soft-brick)
4.If you only downloaded the free version you will have to click “Install” for each app as it restores
5.Allow process to finish.

What Works:•Dock Audio
•Calls and SMS
•Mute on calls
•RIL FastDormancy Support
•WiFi now with faster scan/connect times
•GPS with accuracy reporting
•Camera (many thanks defer!)
•Video recorder
•(Partial) Dock support
•Battery Stats
•Accurate power usage reporting
•Proximity Sensor
•Screen orientation
•Accelerometer, compass and other sensors.
•Internal Storage and External SDCard
•SDCard formatting
•Ability to swap sdcard and emmc mountpoints
•Multimedia Playback (videos, music)
•USB Tethering
•USB Notifications
•USB Mode switching
•All Market apps show now
•Updated Unified Kernel: one kernel to rule them all!
•Battery jump fix by [MENTION=1880611]Jug6ernaut[/MENTION]
•ext4 filesystem
•WiFi Hotspot
•5-touch multitouch
•Power button doesn't end calls
•CrystalTalk support for calls
•SMS Delivery Reports

What Doesn’t Work:•Fingerprint sensor - Work in progress (not native to CM)
•Webtop - Work in progress (not native to CM)

CM7.2 Download
Gapps Download

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