rooting android 6.0.1 ze550ml & ze551ml

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rooting android 6.0.1 ze550ml & ze551ml

Post by vitha on Sun Sep 11, 2016 2:10 am

No need to be in lollipop before updating, or unlocked in lollipop, or downgrading. works even on Beta.
first off you need to  download here
1.) you need to put ( in your sd card.
2.) Unzip ( and put (unlock_for_zf2_551ml_6.0) on desktop
3.) make sure your phone is plugged in and usb debug is on, then open up a cmd prompt type : adb devices
4.) if device is listed then type : adb reboot bootloader  .

5.) wait for phone to reboot and go in to fastboot
6.) once in fastboot click and run unlock.bat. it may take a few secs just wait then it will reboot you need to hold the volume up button while it is booting to get back into fastboot.
7.) once in fastboot then run restore.bat and it will reboot and boot normal.

8.) once it has booted you will need to unplug and replug the sub so that the computer will connect with phone again.
9.)once your connect open up a cmd type : adb reboot bootloader
10.) once it is in fastboot type : c: the you need to go to the folder where (twrp_z00a_v24_repack.img) is located and copy the location of the folder
11.) type : cd  and past the location like - example (C:\User\Daniel\Desktop\Root_Zen2_6.0)
12.) type : fastboot flash recovery twrp_z00a_v24_repack.img

13.) once complete you need to move with your down volume reboot to recoverymode. and hit power button

14.) it will reboot in to twrp and you then need to install ( and reboot system
You are now rooted.
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