drum brakes replacement

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drum brakes replacement

Post by vitha on Mon May 11, 2015 5:02 am

first, pull the drum and spray with brake cleaner to get rid of any brake dust.
if your drums are seize rusted, as mine were, you will need to pound with a ball peen hammer and use some pb blaster. hit the drum in between the studs and on the center of the axle hub.

here's what it looks like once the drum is removed.

then using a pair of vise grips, remove the retainer/springs.

I will hold the pin from the back with my finger, and push and twist with the vise grips 1/4 turn to release the retainer.

then using a flat head screwdriver, pry the primary return spring off the anchor pin. then the secondary return spring.

then remove the adjuster cable. you may have to push up on the adjuster to relax the tension.

now you should be able to spread them apart and remove everything away from the backing plate. then just unhook the parking brake lever from the brake shoe.

now you can remove the adjuster and spring as well as the cable guide to be reinstalled on the new shoes.

now I clean with a wire brush. then spray with brake cleaner. then you can paint if wanted.

don't forget to remove the parking brake link, noting the direction/location.

I also chose to coat the star wheel self adjuster with some anti-seize.

here is a pic of the new shoes and new spring kit in the orientation of reassembly.

start with the adjuster cable.

then install the parking brake link in correct orientation.

then install the new retainers/springs. again, i will hold the pin from the back and push in on the retainer cap.

then slide the secondary return spring over the anchor pin using the screwdriver. it will slide right in place.

then the primary return spring.

Your parking break spring should look like this when complete. Do not let it pass the shoulder as CAJED has done.

make sure the adjuster cable is on the guide properly, and give it a wash with some brake cleaner.

don't forget to torque the wheel lugs to 100lb/ft. again i used anti-seize on the lugs.
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