Replacing front pads on Jeep Comanche

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Replacing front pads on Jeep Comanche Empty Replacing front pads on Jeep Comanche

Post by vitha on Mon May 11, 2015 4:47 am

All you need to replace your pads on your 89 Comanche or a Cherokee is a 7mm Allen wrench and a large c-clamp. Preferably a 7mm Allen socket that way you can put your rachet on it. Use the Allen to take out the caliper bolts/Allen screws shafts. Then use c-clamp and old pad to press caliper back as far as it will go then replace pads and reassemble. However, it is recommended to have your rotors turned when changing pads. This is done at most shops. You take the rotors to the shop and they will turn them for you. The total job is really simple and takes about 30 minutes tops.
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