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Ubuntu for mk908 v3 Empty Ubuntu for mk908 v3

Post by vitha on Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:07 pm

This is beta and for testing. wifi and bluetooth work. There are some stability issues when first loaded. you can update Ubuntu from 12.10 to newer version.
It takes about 3 minutes to boot on first one. It will just make a black screen till it loads.

Execute the "RKAndroidTool v1.37" application and delete the NAND by selecting "EraseIDB"

1.  Select the check boxes for Loader, parameter, kernel, boot and system, select and update the paths for the downloaded Loader, parameter, kernel, boot and system files and then flash by selecting "Run"

2.  Disconnect your device from the PC and boot it.

3.  Once it has finished booting press "alt&f1" to get a login prompt

4.  Login as "linuxium" with "p" for password and enter "sudo su -"

5.  Now enter "mount -o remount,rw /dev/mtdblock0 /" followed by "reboot"

6. Your device will then reboot, perform a "fsck" and do a further reboot before showing the (lightdm) login screen

7. Again login as "linuxium" and open a terminal

8. Enter "sudo su -" followed by "resize2fs /dev/mtdblock0"

9. Now configure wifi (on wlan0) and then reboot

Your device should now be working running Ubuntu.  I recommend that you then run an "aptitude update" followed by an "aptitude upgrade".

Recommended packages to install include "ssh openssh-server tightvncserver cpufrequtils chromium-browser".

Download Ubuntu for mk908
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