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Root At&t 4.4 Note 3 Empty Root At&t 4.4 Note 3

Post by vitha on Sat Feb 08, 2014 10:50 pm


1ST POST=KitKat version

2nd POST=JB version

Welcome to the Very first KitKat Rom for the AT&T Note 3.

If you already upgraded to the 4.4 leak, you must follow THIS

1) Download and install Heimdall from   here    for windows.  You'll need   this   and    this     to avoid missing .dll file errors

2) Download the following files;

MI9_fix.img.ext4 here Also all other files located here here here here

Put everything except for the system.img on your external SD card

3) Download and install the MJ5 partions. Use Odin to flash these files (match the file names with the different upload slots) here here here

HLTE_USA_ATT_32G.pit here

Root At&t 4.4 Note 3 Odin

4) Now is the time to use Heimdall.

Reboot into Download Mode once Odin finishes.
Install the vcredist packages downloaded from step 1.
unzip the heimdall .zip file to c:/
go to c:/Heimdall Suite/Drivers and click on zadig.exe
click the middle menu button to select "Show All Devices"

Root At&t 4.4 Note 3 Heimdall1

from the dropdown, select MSM8960

Root At&t 4.4 Note 3 Heimdall2

click the "install driver" button.

Root At&t 4.4 Note 3 Heimdall3

you should see a success message

Root At&t 4.4 Note 3 Heimdall4

5) Navigate on your computer to c:/Heimdall Suite/ and open heimdall-frontend.exe.

IMPORTANT -- Go to the Utilities tab and click the "Detect" button
Go to the Flash tab on Heimdall, click Browse and select the HLTE_USA_ATT_32G.pit file downloaded from step 3
Click the 'add' button, then next to 'partition name' select system from the dropdown.

Root At&t 4.4 Note 3 Heimdall5

7) Heimdall and your Note will report a bad flash at around 95% -- but don't worry -- your system.img got uploaded  Reboot directly into recovery mode.

8)Once in recovery, select "Choose update from external" in the recovery, and select the you downloaded earlier (did you remember to put that file on your external SD card?). This will install the CSC files and run the preload checkin so you don't FC all over the place

9) IMPORTANT--After flashing the sec_csc, the Note will reboot.
Try to catch it in time to reboot BACK into recovery
Once in recovery, select "Choose update from external" in the recovery, and select the you downloaded earlier.

This will give you a stock MJ5 system. You can choose to stop here if you don't want to root.

10) Extract to the root of your internal sdcard (NOTE **my script removes Knox apps). Reboot, then once SuperSu installs, Reboot again.

Root At&t 4.4 Note 3 Rldv

This leaves you with a rooted MJ5 device.

Here we go

-Can read,
-Be on a 4.3 rom with safestrap

2.Download the Zip Coming from JB

3.Extract the zip to your desktop and place the file “” On your internal sdcard

4.Boot into safestrap and wipe the /system & /data. (Basically wipe the rom like usual)

5.Flash the rom to stock slot & don’t click reboot when it gives you the option to.

6.Pull the battery out of the phone & put it back in but don’t reboot

7.Hold vol down, home button & power till you see the download mode screen

8.Open odin and add the odin flashables that you should have extracted

9.Odin should look like this before you click “start”

Root At&t 4.4 Note 3 2q9mp1k

10.Reboot & Enjoy the rom
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