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Install Ubuntu 12.10 on mk808 Empty Install Ubuntu 12.10 on mk808

Post by vitha on Sat Feb 08, 2014 8:02 pm

On the desktop

- Net Manager (WITH scanning) ~ XBMC ~ Chromium (flash/gpu acceleration!) ~ Local SAMBA Network ~ Quake3 ~ GLTron ~ Playstation Emulator ~ mySQL manager ~ Joomla 3.1 -

- Application Finder
- Archive Manager
- Calculator
- Catfish File Search
- Guake (Drop from Above Command Line Terminal)
- Leafpad
- Notes
- Xfburn
- Simple Scan: Doc scanner application

Development Tools:
-Debian Package Viewer
-Meld (Compare files side by side easily displaying difference. GREAT for log files!)
-Python v2.7
-Python v3.2
-Qt Creator (Qt4)

-Solitaire (Chrome App)
-Angry Birds (Chrome App)
-PacMan! (Chrome App)
-MetalSlug! (Chrome App)
-Old Retro Console Games! (Chrome App)
-isoball3 (Chrome App)

GLES/SDL/EGL Applications:
-XBMC! HW Accelerated but still NO HW DECODING (See F.A.Q at bottum)
-ioquake3 (with free demo files, replace with your own original Quake3 CD files for full fledged game!) PS3 CONTROLLER SUPPORTED
-PCSX_rearmed (Playstation Emulator: The emulator can work without bios but works best with oringial PSX bios. You will need your own bios image and your own games!)PS3 CONTROLLER SUPPORTED
-More to come as they applications are ported/newely created!

-Doc Viewer
-GPixPod (Manage Photos from iOS Device!
-Ristretto Picture Viewer

Web Browsing:
- Firefox (Using GNASH for FLASH)
- Chromium Web Browser (currently default browser because of speed, performance, and acceleration using GPU.)
Chromium is also pre-setup with Anti-Analytics and Anti-tracking so you have a cleaner, faster web experience. Perminantly hide ANY element causing annoyance or simply uneeded from website to optimize each website to your preference. Right mouse click any element to instantly select "hide element" POOF gone Smile
MANY Chromium Apps Working Amazingly! Retro Games and Angry Birds tested!

-Mozilla Thunderbird
-XChat IRC Client: Automatically connects to home://io free support!
-Ekiga VOIP Software Phone
-Pidgin (IM Chat messaging clients supporting all IM services)

- FatRat (Download manager/accelerator)
- FileZila (FTP/SFTP Client)
- iTransmission, uGet, VUZE, BitStorm Lite (P2P Downloading clients)

Remote Desktop/Sharing/Connecting:
- X11VNC remote desktop server
- OpenSSH-Server
- Complete SAMBA Support with easy configuration of new shared folders!
- NFS support and NTFS Mounting Support!

-XBMC! (Also with XBMC is many Add-ons to immediately start watching great content)
-Full Flash Support in Chromium when launched from Dock or Desktop Only, do not use menu item.
-Camera Monitor (Notification upon USB Cam Connect!)
-GMusic Browser
-GTKPod (Manage Music on iOS device, iPod)
-gUVCview (for webcams)
-WinFF (Use FFMpeg to convert to and from any encoding)
-Pulseaudio Preference and Settings GUIs
-MediaTomb (Simple Fast DLNA Media Server!)
-MPlayer2 (SMplayer is frontend)
-Sound Converter

-Doc Viewer
-Orage Callendar and Time/Date Tools
-Libre Office : This is NOT included this time but can be installed by running "sudo apt-get install libreoffice" AbiWords works for most office document types.

-Requirements: RK3066 Device, Olegk0 Kernel with Mali support, SD card with at least 8Gb free space (Image is 5Gb uncompressed, and 2Gb compressed) homeio_rc1.tar.gz file from one of the following servers:

* homeio_rc1.tar.gz File is ONLINE so start your downloads! *

There are two sets of links. The first are links to the mirror directory in your country where you can find the file homeio_rc1.tar.gz after it has been uploaded and the second set of links are direct links (not up yet until file uploads, check directory links if impatient and I'm still sleeping) to the file to begin downloading immediately. The links to the mirrored directory also have an MD5-SUM.txt file to check file integrity but I will post it here as well when I next update this post.

To use the EASY Windows Method download this file:  [][Windows Image]]
For WINDOWS only IMG file you will also need this application: []Win32DiskImager]
I am unsure if the IMG file is inside the RAR file (in that case you'll need a WinRAR/WinZip program) or if the RAR file is read by Win32DiskImager. Will Update once known.

Files for installing to SD using Linux:

Mirrored directory:

]Download homeio_rc1.tar.gz

Direct Link to file: ]USA

MD5-SUM:21889d97ace2fa6ebd9d4f42386fce73 <-------homeio_rc1.tar.gz

-Installation: Follow the instructions from Olegk0 here to setup your device with Olegk0's kernel and make it ready for the SD card image, you do NOT need to follow the instructions telling you to add the mod+fw files STOP once you get to the part where Olegk0 says "pick your favorite rootfs and put on SD card" this is where you use my provided homeio_rc1.tar.gz. If you need further instructions on how to prepare your SD card please follow ONLY steps 2 and 3 where it says Option II.a  from This link. If you do NOT have a rooted Android System then also follow the steps in the previous link to getting Finless BOB Rom as well and if you have Olegk0 kernel ALL READY flashed to the device than JUST follow step 2/ II.a.

Other kernels and devices have been reported working but these instructions are only garunteed on MK808 and until I track down exactly which devices and which kernels have been used I am only listing Olegk0 Kernel as "tested/approved" for the time being. More will be added to this topic at later date.

If you all ready have a device setup and running a previous Linux system or at least have Olegk0 kernel flashed you can skip all the pre-setup steps and simply untar the tarball in root dir of storage device/SD.

BE SURE when you are untaring the homeio_rc1.tar.gz file that you have first logged in as root on the terminal or begin command with sudo, you MUST use root privledges to untar correctly. Here is list of switches: x-extract,v-verbose,-z-gzip format,-p MOST IMPORTANT, this preserved correct permissions, and finally last is -f which points to the file to untar. All together it looks like this:

tar -xvzpf homeio_rc1.tar.gz /media/linuxroot

Replace /media/linuxroot with the mount location of your linuxroot partitioned SD card OR simply copy homeio_rc1.tar.gz TO the sd card and untar from command line, double check tar options.

-Users and Passwords: CHANGE IMMEDIATELY! (dont hesitate to ask how if you are uncertain)
-root password: 12qwaszx
-picuntu password: 12qwaszx
-MySQL User: root PW: 12qwaszx
-phpMyAdmin User: admin PW: 12qwaszx
-Mediatomb User: mediatomb PW: mediatomb
-Any other passwords are all 12qwaszx

- Network Connections, the easy way! -

Install Ubuntu 12.10 on mk808 Network-config-live-support-community

Take a quick glance at the above screenshot. These are the steps that correspond with the screenshot. The very first step before any configuration happens is to dbl-click the icon on the desktop that is labeled "Network Connections" and looks like Two Mac's linked together. Currently you must launch this icon every time you log-in but a scripted fix is coming. This was the only drawback I found using this method but everyone needed super easy config of network so here it is!

1: After double clicking the "Network Connections" icon on the desktop a terminal window will open asking for password. Enter 12qwaszx the default password and then WPA_GUI will launch. After the Network Config window launches it is safe to close the terminal window at any time.

2: This window that has just popped up should be mostly blank not filled in like in screenshot) because we haven't added any networks. Click Scan next to the Connect and Disconnect buttons. This will open another window to begin scanning.

3: The scanning window will be blank when it opens until you press the Scan button on this new window next to the close button.

4: Double Click on your desired network and a configuration window will pop up allowing you to enter in details about connection.

5: Enter your password/passphrase/passkey depending on security type (security type is automatically discovered) and then optionally set IDString and Priority. If you have several or connect to several network connections through out the day, you will want to use IDString and Priority so when leaving one connections range your device will automatically roam to another known network using wpa_roam. If you only ever use one router this is optional! The higher the number you give for priority will determine which is picked first. Higher number is first.

6: Still looking at the same window with network details go ahead and press "add" at the bottum of the window. This will add the network to your configuration but we are NOT done YET! You will need to SAVE your configuration!

7: Now you should be looking at the first window that popped up after you entered your password. Click the Menu Item File and then Save or just hold ctrl and press s (ctrl+s). This will save the network connection you just configured!

KEEP IN MIND: Even though you've configured the network and saved this configuration you will still need to double click the "Network Connections" icon on desktop every time you log-in until I can generate a script that will "patch" things up. After networks have been configured you only need to double click the icon and enter your password, then it will automatically connect to your saved networks as well as notify you when you lose range, disconnect, or switch to another network! Remember to add more networks just repeat these steps!

That's it, YOU'RE DONE! Now go have some fun!

^_^ Forgot to mention also has 512MB Swap file! This system is pre-setup to cache DNS requests as well to optimize network traffic using dnsmasq and Chromium is preset for privacy! Ditch those analytics and tracking cookies, enter a faster cleaner web. Block any element with a click of the right mouse button...ALSO AUTOMATIC BLOCK MIDDLE MAN ATTACKS and alerts using ArpAlert. Anyone tries getting between you and your router ArpAlert will detect, block, and notify ^_^

The BIG yellow X down on the Cairo dock (or launching Xchat from internet application menu) Connects you directly to my IRC home://io community and support! Please try it out and connect with fellow ARM Linux users! No sign-up or "login" is required, just pick a name or keep default Picuntu-u1 nickname! This IRC Server is running on a Motorola Droid original using Servers Ultimate Pro! Will be upgrading to full fledge support server and creating helpdesk with every answer!

---If you wish to connect to my IRC server using a machine other than the ARM unit the server is:

- Great way to get started learning Linux or just learning more! -

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