Freezing / Turn off Apps on 4.4

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Freezing / Turn off Apps on 4.4

Post by vitha on Sat Jan 25, 2014 3:46 pm

As of right now there is no root for at&t note 3. Most people like to de-bloat the rom with rooting and get access to the system.
Some good news is with kit kat 4.4 you can now freeze or turn off a app. This does not install it, but disables it.
What you will do is under the all apps you will drag it to app info. In the app info you will see Turn off button.
I was able to 97% de-bloat the att apps and some Samsung apps.

Having the AT&T leaks 4.4 for 4 days now has been as good if not better then before with the stock 4.3 rooted.
There as not been one forced close, all the apps I use have been updated to work with 4.4.
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