How To Output 1 PC Audio Source Through 2 Outputs

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How To Output 1 PC Audio Source Through 2 Outputs

Post by vitha on Tue Nov 19, 2013 7:37 pm

THIS REQUIRES A PROPER SOUND CARD. While this sound card option is common, there are still several modern cards that do not provide this capability. There are software solutions to emulate sound cards which provide this option though.

1 - Own a proper sound card
2 - Update your sound card drivers FROM THE MANUFACTURER
3 - Enter your sound device control panel
4 - Ensure both of your output devices are displayed in the Playback tab
5 - Make your normal output device (i.e. speakers) your default playback device
6 - Click the Recording tab
7 - Right click in the list and click "Show Disabled Devices"
8 - If a "Stereo Mix" option (or something similar like "What U Hear") now shows in the recording device list, then you have this capability
9 - Right click "Stereo Mix" and choose "Enable"
10 - Right click "Stereo Mix" and choose "Properties"
11 - Click on the Listen tab in the next Popup window
12 - Check "Listen to this device" there maybe a 1/100 sec delay
13 - Set "Playback through this device:" to your second output
14 - Click OK
15 - Enjoy
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