Leaked AT&T 4.3 rom (Root & Knox versions) I747UCUEMJ2

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Leaked AT&T 4.3 rom  (Root & Knox versions)  I747UCUEMJ2 Empty Leaked AT&T 4.3 rom (Root & Knox versions) I747UCUEMJ2

Post by vitha on Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:20 pm

There are two separate versions.
No root, KNOX enabled & SELinux enabled (Enforcing)
Root, KNOX removed & SELinux disabled (Permissive)

Stock no Rooted (useful if you want to keep KNOX)
MD5: e95d7f1f66f8b2fa9c893a307f0ad348
Rooted with out Knox KNOX does not like root apps, also removed some AT&T bloat)
MD5: 5c7b0fa899b936fd720bac9d8f1bf396
Kernel fix for rooted

Bootloaders/Modem ONLY FOR AT&T no one else
(pretty much everything except the system and recovery so you can keep TWRP/CWM)

Install Instructions:
Remove your SD card or it will change it to 0
Wipe data/Factory reset
Flash bootloaders/modem
Flash Rom.
Flash fixed kernel
Flashing takes a long time but it is installing. Also, the first boot takes a long time as well. Just install it and let it do it's thing.
My device did not detect sim card till 2nd boot

Developer options Tap 'Build number' a four times you will see pop up telling you how many more pushes to activate

DO NOT FLASH ON I747M because the modem will not work on non AT&T networks.....

I tested and works great. I USED non KNOX rooted
HDMI works, sharecast works, the LTE network is as fast at previous versions. All my titanium apps works just fine after reinstall
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