jjhmod v2.2.universal MK908 V1 and V3

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jjhmod v2.2.universal MK908 V1 and V3 Empty jjhmod v2.2.universal MK908 V1 and V3

Post by vitha on Sun Oct 27, 2013 8:40 pm

Here is the best and most stable MK908 rom out I have tried. it is based off CX-919 system. It seems to be more stable then finless 1.6a to me. I get better scores on this rom to. However I like to use the Finless1.6a kernel.
It is rooted and debloated from stock.
Multi kernels with OC kernels for V3.
V1 has multiple kernels as well
Basically download it and unzip it.

Run the RKAndroidTool.exe if needed install your rk3188 drivers for your computer
parameter has 2,4,and 6 gb sizes. just change the Rom\parameter2gb to Rom\parameter4gb or Rom\parameter6gb
Kernel has many to choose from default is version one (Rom\mk908-HW_V1-jjhkernel-v5.1-400mhz-720p.img)
I used the kernel720.img that is for V3 from the Finess1.6a. -- kernel_cpu1800_gpu600_ddr667.img is for V3 and is great overclock. It was stable but the drivers from my camera did not work.
If you have flashed before then I think you know what to do.

Mk908 Rom download here
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