CWM-based Recovery for PIPO M9

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CWM-based Recovery for PIPO M9 Empty CWM-based Recovery for PIPO M9

Post by vitha on Sun Jun 16, 2013 9:17 pm

tested functions

  • install zip from sdcard
  • install zip from sideload
  • wipe data/factory reset
  • backup
  • restore
  • mount USB storage
  • input devices

    • mouse
    • keyboard
    • touch screen
    • remote controller (on some devices)

  • storages

    • internal FAT partition (as /sdcard)
    • external SD card (as /external_sd)

  • partitions

    • misc (mtd)
    • kernel (mtd)
    • boot (mtd)
    • recovery (mtd)
    • system (ext4)
    • data (ext4)
    • cache (ext4)

  • commands on adb shell

    • dump_image
    • erase_image
    • flash_image


Known issues

  • timestamp
    backup may be named as 1970-01-01.xx.xx.xx. it's just a directory name on SD card. please rename it.
  • dump_image
    it says "mtd: read error (No such file or directory)" at the end. please ignore it, it should not be a problem.

How to control

  • move up/down: up/down
  • left click: select
  • right click: back


  • cursor up/down: up/down
  • cursor left/enter: select
  • cursor right: back

touch screen

  • swipe up/down: up/down
  • swipe left: select
  • swipe right: back


  • volume up/down: up/down
  • power: select
  • back: back

remote controller

  • up/down: up/down
  • left/ok: select
  • right/back: back

How to install CWM-based Recovery for Rockchip

from stock recovery

  1. rename to
  2. put into root directory on internal FAT partition or external SD card
  3. boot stock Android
  4. click "Install" on popup message

old recovery partition image will be dumped as dumped_recovery.img on internal FAT partition or external SD card.
you may get "invalid" message, then please try another method.
from root shell

  1. extract flash_image and recovery.img from
  2. put flash_image and recovery.img into device, e.g.
    adb push flash_image /dev/
    adb push recovery.img /dev/
  3. enter root shell
  4. flash recovery.img into recovery partition with flash_image, e.g.
    chmod 755 /dev/flash_image
    /dev/flash_image recovery /dev/recovery.img
  5. you may need to disable which restores stock recovery on every boot
    chmod 644 /system/etc/

from CWM-based Recovery

  1. put into internal FAT partition or external SD card
  2. boot CWM
  3. select "install zip from sdcard"

from adb sideload

  1. boot CWM
  2. select "install zip from sideload"
  3. adb sideload

from rkflash, rkflashtool, or RKAndroidTool.exe

  1. extract recovery.img from
  2. flash recovery.img into recovery partition
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