Pipo M9 V2 4.2.2 Muti User with CWM

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Pipo M9 V2 4.2.2 Muti User with CWM

Post by vitha on Fri May 17, 2013 6:08 pm

Based on Pipo M9 Android stock release 20130506.
This is basicly the same as the previous release rooted rom, but it includes CWM
Download here http://www.rockchipfirmware.com/sites/default/files/firmware/contributed/M9_V2_4.2.2_TNT_CWM_R2.zip
Fully rooted,Package includes Clockwork Mod Recovery and RKAndroid Tool to flash recovery. Also includes CWM TNT customized Android 4.2.2 installation and scripts to push CWM files and reboot to recovery.
Multi-user function has been activated, however, we expect this feature to function much better following an upcoming update.
***Ignore original ReadMe. Correct info as follows:

1. In RKTools/RKAndroidTool run RKAndroidTool.exe and make sure only recovery is checked off. If needed click box to the right of recovery path and choose recovery_m9v2-cwm6.img.
2. Click run. Tablet will reboot.
3. Enable USB Debugging and USB Storage.
4. In RKTools/Reboot Recovery run CWM.bat. Choose installation to internal or external SD storage. You can also use RebootRecovery.bat to create a backup of your tablet before installing 4.2.2.
5. When tablet reboots** to recovery, touch backup and restore. Touch restore or restore from external_sd, if that is where you installed CWM files. Choose the M9_4.2.2_TNT_V2_R2 recovery file. Confirm and wait.
6. Once recovery is done go back until the option to reboot is available.
7. Reboot and do normal QC check.

*Note if you are installing on top of 20130422 firmware version, you will need to change the address (next to checkbox) where recovery is flashed to 00014000 from the default 00010000. If you reboot recovery to the dead android, you will need to reflash the recovery to the correct address.
**If you get an error while installing kernel image, do an advanced restore and flash system, data, and cache files. Wipe dalvik cache and switch back to RKAndroidTool. Use RKAndroidTool to flash the kernel only, which is included in the TNT CWM folder.
***Any tablet that reboots to a blank screen instead of CWM is a V1 tablet. This CWM Recovery should work with V1 tablets for backup only!
****This version of Android 4.2.2 is NOT compatable with V1 tablets and may not become available for V1
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